Shepreth Wildlife Park

Shepreth Wildlife Park

Aquapilz Aerators at a Wildlife Park

The very popular family-run Wildlife Park to the south of Cambridge was having problems with low dissolved oxygen (DO) readings in the pond due to the high levels of leaf litter that dropped from the surrounding trees every year. The Park is visited by thousands of visitors every year and the trees create a sense of natural surroundings for the Park animals and visitors alike.

Low DO levels allow increasing organic sediment and can have damaging effects on overall water health as well as fish growth rates and wellbeing. The bacteria that break down leaf litter used up most of the available oxygen creating anaerobic or anoxic conditions in the lower levels of the pond and its sediment.

Aeration with the Aquapilz Submersible Aerator and Aquapilz Submersible Special Aerator provide more than sufficient oxygen to the lower water levels encouraging aerobic bacteria that break down the leaf litter and other organic matter more effectively reducing the depth of organic sediment in the pond. The ‘Special’ variant of the Aquapilz provide efficient aeration in addition to a pleasing water display.

Client Testimony

“The LINN aerators have greatly reduced the level of organic sediment in the pond and improved fish health whilst creating a very attractive water feature for staff and visitors to the Park. We also employ the LINN Turbojet aerators in our ‘figure of 8’ pond to create both aeration and directional flow that has proved really effective in reducing organic sediment and improved living conditions for our fish”.

Park Director, Nick Willers.


Submerged Aqua Pilz aerator

Aqua Pilz

with submerged motor

The Aqua-Pilz submersible aerator agitates the whole body of the water by means of large-scale circulation and a wide, mushroom shaped fountain but can also be used to reduce ice cover during the winter. The submerged motor also reduces operational sound, and when not in use, only a small part of the attractive circular float is visible, important if you have nearby properties, cabins or tourists.

Spec | Video | PDF

Turbo jet aerator

Turbo Jet

with submerged motor

Turbo-Jet operates silently below the water surface, its directly driven propeller produces efficient aeration and enormous directional flow with low energy consumption. The special action of the high-speed motorised impeller draws in air, breaking it into thousands of small bubbles. The special water/air bubble jet is directed down into the water and mixes the whole volume to prevent the formation of dead spots.

Spec | Video | PDF

Aquapilz Submersible Aerator

Aquapilz Special Fountain Aerator

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  • Aqua Pilz

    Aqua Plitz for lake and pond aerationThe Aqua-Pilz aerator agitates the whole body of the water by means of large-scale circulation and a wide, mushroomshaped fountain. Harmful gases are expelled as a result of circulating the water. The ripples that are created disturb the surface of the water with the result that there is no heavy formation of algae.

    The floating Aqua-Pilz aerators discharge the water upwards, as a fountain does, and in so doing create an attractive water feature. The water is stimulated and circulated with a propeller. The angle of trajectory of the spray and the impact on the water surface enhances the exchange of gases with the atmosphere. The gas filtration and oxygenation is unequalled, resulting in a healthy fish population.

    The angle of expulsion has been chosen so that waves move outwards from the aerator, distributing the aerated water throughout the pond. Stagnant, oxygen poor zones are thus avoided.

    This flow of water away from the apparatus also ensures that the aerator always draws water low in oxygen from below, circulates it and enriches it with oxygen. A short-circuit flow is avoided by the angle of expulsion. Aqua-Pilz comes in two designs: with a surface motor and with a submersible motor. Both types are almost identical in terms of performance, oxygen enrichment and power consumption.

    The submersible-motor design produces a lower and rather broader fountain of water, while the fountain from the surface-based-motor version is rather higher but more narrow. Only the submersible motor version is suitable for use during winter (to reduce the formation of ice for example). Both types of Aqua-Pilz are, of course, designed for continuous operation. The aerators are supplied ready for use and come with cable and motor-protection device. All screen baskets, fittings, motor shafts and screws are made from rust-resistant materials.

    The high-performance electric motor in this type of aerator is housed, with its long stainless-steel shaft, in a polyethylene cover on the float above the surface of the water.

    From the outside the isolated motor operates silently, and only the murmur of the stimulated water can be heard. A large rust-proof inlet excludes fish and debris from the pump chamber. The screen basket is avail able in a variety of mesh sizes.

    We have been producing Aqua-Pilz aerators for more than 30 years. This aerator has proven itself a thousand times over and ensures durability!

    Technical Specifications

    Aqua Plitz technical info


    • Best possible oxygen-enrichment
    • Minimum energy consumption
    • Robust motors
    • Easy to install
    • Lightweight and readily portable
    • High quality materials

    download pdf

  • Turbo Jet with submerged motor

    Turbo Jet with submerged motor - pond aerationWater circulator with air diffuser for better water flow and more oxygen… Turbo-Jet enriches the water with oxygen and keeps it clean.

    Turbo-Jet operates silently below the water surface. The robust submersible motor with its directly driven propeller produces an enormous water circula tion with relatively low energy-consumption. The special action of the high-speed motorised impeller draws in air, breaking it into thousands of small bubbles. These fine bubbles are injected into and entrained in the water current where they have a long dwell time. This improves oxy genation of the water.

    The special water/air bubble jet is directed down into the water at an angle. This mixes the whole volume and prevents the formation of dead spots.

    Thus, vital oxygen is distributed around the water, benefitting fish and microbes alike.

    Despite this great circulation, Turbo-Jet is virtually silent in operation.

    Fish are protected from the impeller by a cage screen, which is effectively self cleaning in operation due to the powerful
    water flow along it.

    Turbo-Jet can easily be used even in winter when the powerful water circulation will hinder or reduce the formation of ice. In very low minus temperatures, the air supply can be interrupted.

    The motor housing is made from cast steel or stainless steel. Other materials used are stainless steel and polyethylene. Turbo-Jet – the flexible and economical water circulator and oxygenator.

    Technical Specifications

    Turbo Jet with submerged motor technical info


    • excellent circulation
    • good oxygen-enrichment
    • easy to transport and install
    • robust quality
    • works silently

    Download pdf


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